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Esfira Shakhmurova, NP
Adult Care & Family Care
(speaks English, Spanish, Farsi, Hebrew, Russian)

Eśfira Shakhmurova brings a decade-long dedication to IMIDeology with her seasoned background in ICU/Trauma care and a heartfelt approach to Hospice and Palliative Care. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, Eśfira is a beacon of preventative care, seamlessly blending nutrition and evidence-based research to ensure patients lead lives rich in both quantity and quality. Her alignment with IMIDeology's philosophy of individualized patient health is reflected in her practice, having joined forces with our team to continue her passionate pursuit of wellness for every patient she encounters. Eśfira's comprehensive FNP certification from Wagner College underscores her commitment to delivering exceptional care across all facets of health.

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