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About IMIDeology

IMideology is the study of Immune- Mediated- Inflammatory Diseases (IMIDs) such as rheumatoid arthritis. Each of our patients are matched with a team of specialists: rheumatologist, gastroenterologist,  integrative medicine specialists, health coaches, and care coordinators. Our mission is to achieve better outcomes for ALL autoimmune patients.

Our Care Team

We offer comprehensive telemedicine consultations, health coaching, and care coordination for patients living with chronic inflammatory autoimmune conditions. Our multidisciplinary care team are trained from best institutions!

P_Mease_049-ACR-scaled (1).jpg

Philip Mease, MD


World Leading author, clinician, and expert on Psoriatic Arthritis


Esfira Shakhmurova, NP

Adult Care &

Family Care

speaks English, Spanish, Farsi, Hebrew, Russian


Kevin Tin, MD

Gastroenterology & Obesity 

speaks English, Mandarin

Enqing Li headshot 2.jpeg

Enqing Li

Certified Holistic Personal Trainer & Lifestyle Coach

speaks English, Mandarin


Ravi Sutaria, MD


speaks English, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati

jin lee profile pic linked in_edited.jpg

Jin Lee, Ph.D

 Wellness Coach

speaks English, Mandarin

DSC_4631BW (1)_edited.jpg

Rakhi Sutaria, MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

speaks English, Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 3.46.24 PM 2.png

Jenny Liu

Wellness Coach

speaks English, Mandarin

Our Reach

Starting with New York State, IMIDeology plans to expand nationwide throughout 2024. For now, if you live in New York and are seeking services, please fill out our consultation form.  Stay updated on coverage expansion by joining our newsletter!

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